We offer a full range of residential design services. Clients are welcome to choose from one to all phases of our services to fit their needs and budget.

 One-Time Consultation

Are you having trouble deciding whether to build up or out, to remodel or build new? Could you use help solving that design dilemma or improving upon existing spaces or to adding distinct detailing? A one time consultation meeting consisting of an on-site brainstorming session can help you identify your design options. We will leave you with freehand sketches of a viable solution detailed enough to discuss with your builder.

Design Development

We can help you with site selection with an eye for topography, access, drainage, solar orientation, etc. Then over a series of meetings help you identify your needs and desires to begin conceptualizing your new home.

Interior and Exterior Detailing

The big, but bare homes of today often lack personality. A residence or commercial space can be transformed with attention to scale and detail.

Architectural Detailing Examples

Additions and Remodeling

At Laine M. Jones, we enjoy transforming existing homes to exciting useful places — whether it’s an addition, kitchen design, spa or whole house renovations.

Remodeling Examples

Architectural Project Budgeting – Construction Cost Estimates

We can help you define the cost of constructing your new home or addition with the goal of reducing surprises and hidden costs.

Evaluate Bidding and Negotiation on Construction Projects

We can recommend home builders and help you prepare an invitation to bid on your addition, remodel or new home project. We will also evaluate those bids and review any resulting contracts with the winning bidder.

Construction Observation

On architectural design projects we have completed, we can continue the process by monitoring your construction project through periodic site visits, review of all change orders, reviewing materials samples and meeting periodically with your builder.

Consultant Coordination

We can arrange for and coordinate any outside consultants, builders, excavators, geologists that may be required this includes landscape architects, interior designers, environmental consultants, and structural engineers.

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